2017 budget: PMB to spend ₦2.2 million for daily travels – Part 2

Since this is the second part in our series of State Budget Analysis, we wouldn’t bore you. We will go straight to the point.

CAVEAT: We’re only mentioning GEJ in our analysis because during his tenure, Nigeria had enough money.

Crude oil prices were high and we had more than enough money to spend. That said, let’s dive in!

President Buhari budgeted about ₦557 million for “Honorarium/Sitting Allowance.”

Meanwhile, GEJ budgeted ₦174 million for the same purpose in 2015. In 2016, PMB increased it to ₦507 million.

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We cannot explain how and why the president increased amount for the honorarium to ₦557 million.

Please remember that we’re in a recession.

The last budget for vehicles was in 2014. GEJ had budgeted ₦132 for it. By 2016, PMB jacked it up to about ₦.9 billion.

Well, in 2017, the Statehouse has decided to add more vehicular pool to its fleet of cars – a modest ₦197 million.

The Statehouse has also budgeted about ₦320 million for Electricity Charges in 2017. We don’t know if they pay light bills.

Meanwhile, the Electricity bill for 2016 was put at ₦45 million.

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In 2016, President Buhari budgeted ₦643 million for renovating Aso Villa.

In 2017, the same house was put up for another renovation. The cost is ₦5.6 billion.

As usual, knowing that we have traveling President, ₦740 million has been budgeted for “International Travel & Transport.”

Last year only the Vice President Yemi had budgeted for books. This year neither the President nor his Vice budgeted for it.

We can go and on to look at the figures. But let’s look at some agencies directly under the Presidency.

Take, for instance, The Bureau of Public Procurement or BPP.

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BPP budgeted ₦53 million for what she calls for “Defense Software.” We don’t know if this is an antivirus or something else.

Apparently, they’re tired of reading books, only cartoon columns in newspapers.

The EFCC budgeted ₦6 billion for the “Construction/Provision of Office Buildings.”

In 2016 they spent ₦58 million on that.

If you do the math, that’s an increase of over 10,000% and qualifies as an economic and financial crime.

In 2016 ₦3.3 million was budgeted by the EFCC for the “Purchase of Photocopiers” while in 2017 the budget is ₦14 million.

Let us end it here. ‘Sorry for boring you.

Culled from Saatah Nubari’s writings.