Acting President Osinbajo responds to anti Buhari protests

One of the lead protesters in the One Voice Nigeria Protest, Chidi Odinkalu, has called out the President.

Chidi, a lawyer and human rights activists, said the President has not done enough in terms of communicating with Nigerians.

“We thumbed Buhari into office in 2015. Then he got into power and what happened?

“Our president has never ever spoken to Nigerians. When he wants to talk, he goes abroad.

“Are we so useless that our president cannot address us?

“Are we so idiotic that our president cannot tell us that ‘things are hard and these are my plans’?

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“Are we so useless that our president cannot invite us and tell us, ‘look, we need your help to get this’?

“There is no plan, and then we are told we cannot protest too? What kind of country is that? What kind of citizens are we?”

“On this Monday morning, we don’t know where our president is.

“On January 18, we were told that our president was going on a 10-day vacation.

“Yesterday, we were told that he was waiting for his medical test before he will return.

“Last week, fake pictures of the president meeting people in London emerged.

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“Last night, Femi Adesina said people can get sick; people can even die.

“”Shehu Garba said he spoke with the president’s doctor and was told he is well.

“Now think about it, if the president is well, who is Shehu to speak to his doctor?

“If the president is not ill, why should people be circulating fake pictures?”

“Nothing is bigger than trying to rescue our country. We are trying to make sure that Nigeria works for everybody.


“Under Jonathan, many people were stealing. Under this government, a few people are stealing.

“One person took money for IDP and government has cleared the person. It’s a shame, is it not a shame?”

Meanwhile, the acting President told protesters that “we have heard you message sound and clear.