Apostle Suleman: When will DSS invite Zahra Buhari? – IPOB

Just as the dust raised by Apostle Suleman’s invitation by DSS is yet to be settled, IPOB has called out the security agency as a hypocritical body.

IPOB said they have analyzed DSS’ claims of “hate statements” made by adherents of Islamic and Christian faiths.

The group said they have observed a pattern of bias and hypocrisy.

IPOB cited inflammatory statements made by Zahra Buhari, Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad and Mallam Nasir el Rufai.

“We recall that in 2016, Zahra Indimi nee Buhari, said ‘k1lling will keep going on.

“’Muslims who don’ts (sic) want to adhere to Muslims rules will be k1lled.

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“’Christians will d1e until they turn Muslims. Biafrans is just a say (sic) dream. Political oppositions must follow my daddy’s (sic) rule.’”

IPOB also said that “The Sultan of Sokoto ordered Nigerian Muslims to fight anyone who tries to stop them from practicing Islam.

“The Sultan said this without giving details of what he meant by ‘trying to stop them,” IPOB said.

“In 2012, El-Rufai stated as follows: ‘We will write this for all to read.

“Anyone, soldier or not, that kills the Fulani takes a loan repayable one day no matter how long it takes,” IPOB said.

“In all these 3 examples, the common thread is hate speech and an incitement of Muslims against non-Muslims.

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“But in all, none of the perpetrators of the hate speeches has been invited by the DSS.

“Why is Apostle Suleiman being singled out for investigation by the DSS?

“Why did the DSS not invite Zahra Buhari (now Mrs. Zahra Indimi) for her hate speech?

“Why did the DSS not invite the Sultan of Sokoto for his hateful and inciting speech?

“Why has the DSS not invite El Rufai for his hate speech that was even announced by SOKAPU?”

IPOB also expressed disappointed with NASS for not calling the DSS to order “As they engender tyranny and religious bigotry.”