BIAFRA: Nigerian Senators join IPOB and MASSOB

IPOB, MASSOB, and the South-East Caucus in the Nigerian Senate have all joined to condemn the mass [neutralization] of IPOB members during a Trump solidarity match in Port Harcourt.

MASSOB condemned the alleged [neutralization] of 11 Biafran agitators stressing that no level of intimidation will dampen their spirit.

“MASSOB condemns the brutalization and unwarranted killings of Biafran agitators in a solidarity march for President Trump.

“Clampdowns, imprisonments, persecutions, [neutralization] of Biafran agitators by Nigeria security agents will never deter us.

“Our oppressors with their oppressive actions against us increase the self-determination spirit and consciousness of Biafra.”

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IPOB also lent their voice: “It has become routine for Police and Army in Nigeria to kill, bury, and lie.

“They deny every mass killing they carry out in Nigeria with the help of certain segments of some local media.

“That is cowardice at its greatest height. If they are right in what they are doing, why are they denying.”

The South-East Senate caucus, led by Senator Enyinaya Abaribe, also condemned the alleged [neutralization].

IPOB members had officially notified the police of their plan to hold a peaceful rally in support of President Trump.

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The police had allegedly shot and [neutralized] many unarmed IPOB members on a fateful day.

The South-East Senators called on FG to investigate how the pogrom was prosecuted.

Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe noted that IPOB members are free to assemble and hold meetings.

“The last time I checked, that section of the constitution is still intact and has not been amended.

“It is, therefore, worrisome that the rights of a section of Nigerians would be so willfully denied with such extra force.

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“If the report of [neutralization] by the security agencies were to be confirmed, it would no doubt leave a gaping hole in the unity of this country.

“Amnesty International had also reported of mass [neutralization] of our people,” Abaribe said.