Boko Haram ‘freed’ 21 Chibok girls, after that 83 Soldiers went missing

A minimum of 83 Nigerian soldiers are still missing days after they came under a Boko Haram attack.

A commanding officer is part of the soldiers that vanished since the attack.

Military sources monitoring the development have reported that the soldiers were still missing in action.

The Army confirmed the attack in a statement on Tuesday, but has not given further updates.

It did not also admit 83 soldiers were missing.

The missing Commanding Officer of 223 Tank Battalion in Gashigar, was identified as K. Yusuf, a lieutenant colonel.

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Military sources said the troops could not withstand Boko Haram because they had only two light armored tanks to work with.

“May God touch the heart of our dear president to equip the Army.

“How have we offended him that has made him not to equip us as promised?

“May God touch his heart to forgive. Our men are dying daily here,” the source said.

Boko Haram seem to have bounced back after months of relative success by the Nigerian Army.

The development has frightened many Army personnel.

The Nigerian Army had maintained that troops were clearing the sect’s remnants across the troubled Northeast.

High-ranking sources on the ground has said the latest setback was because poor morale had returned to the battlefield.

“On the day they were dislodged, troop’s morale was at the lowest ebb and troops were not ready to face the terrorists

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“The cause of the low morale was due to their being fed once a day.

“Another sore point is the insensitivity of the authorities to pay them their allowances.

“Only part payment of their allowance for August has been paid to date.

“The commanders on the ground go out of their ways to incur debt in order to feed their troops.

“The ration cash allowance meant for feeding was last paid for the month of August.

“So the Commanding Officers on the ground are the worst hit,” the source said.