Boko Haram [neutralizes] operation Lafiya Dole commander

Boko Haram insurgents have rounded up and [neutralized] a commander of the Operation Lafiya Dole in Bornu State.

The attack happened around Sari and Gudumbali areas of Borno State.

The marauding insurgents [neutralized] Lieutenant Colonel, Otos Umusu, and his security aide.

Umusu was the Commanding Officer of the 118 Task Force Battalion in the Operation Lafiya Dole theatre.

Umusu and his men were ambushed and [neutralized] by an Improvised Explosive Device planted on the road.

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The implication of this latest attack is that Boko Haram may have successfully infiltrated the ranks of Nigerian Army again.

It is suspected that an informant in the Nigerian Army must have hinted the terror group of the commander’s itinerary.

The suspicion is further heightened due to the precision the terror group executed the attack.

The commander and his men were en route their location in Baga when the explosion occurred.

A military source from defence headquarters, however, confirmed the attack.

“The Theatre Command will issue a statement on the incident. But unfortunately, it is true.

“We are fighting a war and these terrorists are not people that came from the moon.

“They live among us. That is why the military is careful about information.

“The family members of the Lt.-Col. should not get to hear the [neutralization] of their breadwinner on social media.

“Everyone should allow the military to issue a statement about this.”

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A close ally to the deceased Colonel said, “I have known Lt.-Col. Otos Umusu since the age of 11.

“He was a courageous and highly resolute man. We were good friends for over 25 years.

“Otos, as he was fondly called, was responsible for channelling supplies to our troops in the front lines for a few years.

“He was promoted last year and became a commanding officer of one of the units combating insurgency in the North-East.