Bola Tinubu is a better god-father than President Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has been lambasted by what prominent South West politicians perceive as moves to replace Bola Tinubu as the god-father of South West politics.

Femi Aribisla has also lent his voice to the raging plot to unseat Tinubu.

According to Aribisala, “Nigerians cannot be fooled again. Nobody will be impressed by President Buhari wearing a black suit and bow-tie again.

“In fact, the best thing for the President is not to even contest in 2019, otherwise he will be disgraced.

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“What I envisage is another coalition outside of the current APC but with a Northern president.

“That coalition will include the South-West, South-East and South-South with a big chunk of the North.

“If that happens, Buhari and the APC are toast.

“The political reality on the ground is that Tinubu controls a significant degree of South-West political allegiance.

“Without Tinubu, President Buhari would not have won the nomination for president of the APC.

“The North did not vote for Buhari in the APC poll for the presidential nominee of their party.

“The North voted overwhelmingly for Kwankwaso and Atiku.

“Therefore, the current assault against Tinubu is not only an assault against Tinubu: it is an assault against the South-West.

“My position is that this must be resisted politically.

“The assault against Tinubu is an attempt to replace a South-West godfather with another godfather.

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“What is worse about this is that it is an attempt to replace a South-West godfather with a North-West godfather.

“That is unacceptable. It would amount to going from the frying-pan to the fire.

“Under the present circumstances, I would rather have Tinubu as the godfather of South-West politics, than have Buhari as the godfather of South-West politics.

“Can Tinubu be allowed to be the godfather of North-West politics?

“Then Buhari must never be allowed to be the godfather of South-West politics,” Arabisala said.