Buhari & his Ministers disagree on implications of Trump’s win for Nigeria

President Buhari had openly voiced his support for Hillary Clinton in the just concluded USA’s presidential elections.

Political observers had called him out on that stressing that the tables might turn around.

The tables did turn!

As expected, the implications of Trump’s Presidency for Nigeria is already being hotly debated by the president’s cabinet members.

Two ministers expressed divergent views on the implication of the victory of Mr. Donald Trump, for Nigeria.

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Minister of Agriculture, Audu Ogbeh, and minister of Defense, Mansur Dan-Ali, sharply differed on the implications.

Ogbeh described Trump as a capitalist that exploited the American system and turned around to destroy it.

On the other hand, Dan-Ali said Nigeria had to accept his victory and forge ahead.

Ogbeh said he was shocked by Trump’s victory and said that Nigeria might have to re-tune and re-tool her foreign policy.

Ogbeh said: “I am in a bit of shock, but we are witnessing some very dramatic changes in the world.

“Some of these changes began many years ago.

“The current economic theory ravaging the world is now reaching the poor and the ordinary people.

“It is causing a lot of stress. Brexit happened, America has done this now.

“Many other countries are going to have near extremism ruling the minds of people.

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“Trump’s body language before the elections definitely did not endear him to people.

“It scared a lot of people and yet he got this massive support.

“This means there is something fundamentally wrong and some of us have been complaining even here for 30 years.

“The economic theories we are practicing are hurting too many people and so there is a lot of anger.

“People are looking for a ways to express it and it may soon happen here in Nigeria,” Ogbeh said.