Charcoal business booms in Ogun State

Some residents of Okitipupa in Ondo State have abandoned Kerosene and gas for charcoal.

Residents claim they substituted gas/kerosene with charcoal for their daily domestic cooking due to cost.

NAN reports that kerosene was formerly sold for N300 per liter but now sells for between N400 and N450.

Also, a 12.5Kg cylinder of cooking gas formerly at N3, 500 has gone up to between N4.500 and N5,000.

A full sack of charcoal, lasting one and half months depending on the usage, has also increased from N1,500 to N2, 500 and N3,000.

Some sellers of charcoals said cost of kerosene and cooking gas had turned to be blessing in disguise for their business.

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Mrs. Bonike Usman, a charcoal seller, said those who roast yam and plantain now patrnonize her charcoal business.

“I think the high cost of kerosene and gas is a blessing in disguise.

“I now sell about five bags per day, the same measure I sold in a week before,” she said.

“Food vendors are not left out in the rush for charcoal because they can no longer afford the prices of gas.

Another seller, Ahsade, said, “I knew people will rush to buy charcoal.

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“It has happened many times, so I bought huge stock in December, so I am making more profit now,” Ashade said.

“Charcoal burns blue flame like gas.

“It is better compared to firewood which burns red flame and makes pots to be black and dirty,” a food vendor said.

Some customers also appealed to the Federal Government to take drastic action.

They want the availability of kerosene and cooking gas in order to make life more meaningful for the masses.