EU recognizes Biafra, directs Buhari to release Kanu

Some members of the European union, (EU) parliament (MEP) have risen in support Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB’S leader.

16 MEPs issued a joint letter to the European Union High Commission to take action on human rights abuses against members of the IPOB.

The letter was addressed to the vice president of the EU high commission, Federica Mogherini.

The MEPs says detention of Kanu and violence meted against IPOB members by Nigerian government must be looked into.

The letter also said Kanu has been illegally imprisoned since October 14, 2015.

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The letter further said this is in spite of the fact that the Department of State Services had acquitted Kanu of all charges.

The letter read in part: “Kanu and his two co-defendants are being accused of trying to overthrow the Nigerian head of state.

“The government in Nigeria says they did this by broadcasting secessionist propaganda on Radio Biafra.

“The group only campaigns for the independence of Biafra from Nigeria.

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“Kanu, Madubugwu and Nwawuisi deny all charges brought against them.

“On 19th October in Abuja, the Chief Magistrate, Honorable Shuaibu, discharged Kanu of all criminal charges.

“This included the allegation of managing and belonging to an unlawful society, criminal intimidation and conspiracy.

“Shuaibu granted Kanu bail, of which all the conditions were met, but the DSS refused to release him.

“Justice Adeniyi Ademola ordered the unconditional release of Kanu from DSS’ custody, but this was not enacted.

“Kanu’s counsel has since appealed to ECOWAS to help ensure his safe release, but to no avail.

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“A court case on 5th October 2016 was later adjourned to 8th November, which has now been amended to 9th February 2017.

“It is clear that the fundamental human rights of Kanu, Madubugwu and Nwawuisi are being grossly violated.

“Human Rights Watch have reported of the violation of the defendants’ rights, including their right to a fair trial.

“What is more, the Nigerian Government is also reportedly violating the human rights of Biafran activists.

“The right to peaceful assembly and association, as well as the right of freedom of expression, is protected by the Nigerian constitution.

“On behalf of the European Union, we advocate for the immediate and safe release of Nnamdi Kanu and co-defendants”