EXCLUSIVE: IDP camp jet fighter attack was an insider job

Technical and logistical challenges can make an intervention effort go awry. That was exactly the case in an IDP camp that was hit my Nigerian Army Jetfighters.

As tragic as the event is, we’re beginning to suspect a foul play. Please hears us out.

Firstly, the IDP camp attacked is located in Dikwa town which is just some 80km northeast of Maiduguri.

The camp currently accommodates over 50, 000 people displaced by the Boko Haram insurgency.

The IDP camp is a very old one. Nigerian Army and even Boko Haram know the location.

To buttress this point, that particular camp has been attacked by Boko Haram severally.

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The foreign organizations serving the camp have tents with their inscriptions clearly marked on the roofs.

Secondly, Nigerian emergency workers said the incidents occurred when the IDPs queued up to collect their morning food ration.

Notice the word “Incidences”. That brings us to our third point.

Thirdly, one of the IDPs in the camp told newsmen that the Nigerian fighter jet attacked the camp three times in a row!

You had that right. It was not an incident. It was “incidences”!

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NAF attacked the camp with three bombs at intervals. It hit the first time, then second, and a third time!

Fourthly, ISIS soldiers are roughly estimated to have about 31,500 fighters max.

In Somalia, Al Shabaab has lost some of its strength, but the Islamist group still fields about 5,000 well-trained fighters.

By comparison, Boko Haram currently controls an area the size of Belgium, about half the territory of Al Shabaab.

Boko Haram’s fighters are by all accounts neither as experienced nor as well-trained as Al Shabaab or Islamic State.

From these comparisons, we can deduce with moderate certainty that Boko Haram has a core strength of 7,000 to 10,000 fighters.

Now, the Nigerian Army knew that the camp in Dikwa had more than 50,000 persons!

They cannot claim they mistakenly attacked it because they thought the gathering was a terrorist camp.

Someone or a group of persons ordered that attack or Boko Haram attacked the camp wit a Nigerian fighter jet.

The last time we checked, no Boko Haram member has the level of training and sophistication to fly a fighter jet.

This leads to the logical conclusion that someone or group of persons ordered the attack.

Buratai, the other army chiefs and the commander in chief of the armed forces should explain what happened there.

They should also explain why the attacks, including the suicide attacks in Unimed, coincided with FG’s visit to Sambisa.

Here is another granite proof that the attack was an insider job. Abdulwahab Adam was an eye witness. He too survived the attacks.

“There was nothing accidental about the attack and it could not be referred to as a mistake.

“The Federal Government should stop telling Nigerians that it was a mistake; for this was not.

“It was nothing but an unprovoked attack on a civilian populace.

“This was not a new camp and the attack happened when people queued up to receive humanitarian materials.

Another victim of the attack, Abba Yusuf, believed the NAF had to explain what led to the attack.

“This is the same force that told the world that they did not drop the bomb on insurgents in the Sambisa Forest because of human shield.

“Weeks later, they dropped bombs on unarmed civilians in an IDPs’ camp.

“Could they have been blindfolded to know that we were in a queue and we were unarmed?

“How could they have mistaken the IDPs camp for the haven of insurgents?

“It was not a mistake. It was a deliberate ploy. They have to explain to Nigerians why they attacked us

Aid workers confirmed to have been slain in the bombing included the officials of Doctors Without Borders, Red Cross, and some refugees.