Fight against corruption must begin from churches

A northern based church body, Hadaddiyar Ekklesiyar Kristi A Nigeria (HEKAN), has said corruption is very rife churches.

The new HEKAN president, Rev. Amos Kiri said that President Buhari’s fight against corruption should begin in churches.

Rev. Kiri just took over the leadership of the Church from Rev. Emmanuel Dziggau in Kaduna yesterday.

He assured that he would use his new position to build an upright and corrupt-free church.

The new HEKAN President lamented that communities in Nigeria had encouraged corruption and assisted it to high levels.

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“The slogan ‘Change begins with me’ is a well-chosen one.

“This is because the fight against corruption has to start from home and the church.

“If it starts from the home, once you have a better home, you have a better church.

“Once you have a better congregation, you have a better nation.

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“There are people who come back home with money and the communities don’t even ask them, how they got the money.

“Instead, they are celebrating them.

“I think we need to fight against all these kind of degrading values, they are not values we inherited.

“In the community where I was raised, anybody that was able to start a building, people will ask, how did he come about the resources?

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“But today, nobody cares, even if it is a crime that someone has committed, he is celebrated.

“So, I think it is an attitude we should frown at.

“Let us return to the core values of faithfulness, sincerity, and handwork.

“With these, we will better this country and even the world.

“There are going to be my priority as I take the mantle of leadership of this church,” Kiri said.