Franca Asemota slammed with 22 years’ imprisonment

Her “trade” was to ferry children from Edo State to United Kingdom.

From the UK, she’ll transfer them to France where they are sold as sex slaves.

Within one year, she had trafficked 40 under age Nigerian children; some of them were 13 years old.

Her name is Franca Asemota and she is 38 years old.

Franca and her gang targeted teenage girls in remote Nigerian villages.

However, once the girls arrived UK, they would be told what they were ‘imported’ to do.

By then, the girls would have sworn allegiance to demi-gods in Benin.

However, her trafficking operation was botched after French Authorities intercepted the girls and had them deported to UK.

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On further investigations, Franca and her gang were fingered.

Franca fled the UK and had been in hiding in Benin City.

Auntie Franca, as is she called by her victims, was arrested in Benin City.

The operation was coordinated between EFCC and National Crime Agency (of UK).

Franca was extradited back to the UK in January.

Five of Franca’s victims gave evidence against her during the trial.

One of the girls was tracked to France and rescued from prostitution in Montpellier; a city in France.

Following trial in her majesty’s Crown Court, Franca was found guilty of conspiracy to traffic for sexual exploitation and assisting unlawful immigration.

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The crown court slammed her with a 22 year jail term two days ago (Thursday).

Reacting to Franca’s conviction, the head of UK’s National Crime Agency, Martin French, said “Franca Asemota and her criminal network took advantage of these vulnerable young women in some of the worst ways possible.

“They promised them a better life.

“In reality, they treated them as nothing more than a commodity to be sold into slavery.

“Asemota thought she could evade arrest by fleeing Europe and hiding in Nigeria.

“But the NCA’s partnerships give us global reach and mean international borders are no barrier to justice.

“This conviction is the result of many years of dogged investigation and co-operation among security agencies,” Martin said.

Two other men involved in the trafficking network had already been convicted.

They’re Odosa Usiobaifu and David Osawaru.

Both were sentenced to 14 years and nine years respectively.