Goodbye to Niger delta oil: Buhari seals oil deal with Chad and Niger

The Buhari led administration has long operated a policy of decreasing Nigeria’s dependence on crude oil.

To address frequent disruptions of crude oil supply to the Kaduna Refinery and Petrochemical Company (KRPC), NNPC has announced plans to import crude from Niger and Chad.

Few months ago, a peaceful Lagos joined the comity of oil producing states.

With exploratory hope of finding sizeable quantity of crude oil along Chad, Benue and Anambara basins, the Federal government hopes to secure Nigeria’s economic fortunes.

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Two weeks ago, the Buhari led administration announced plans to begin fuel imports from Ghana.

Just yesterday, the NNPC announced plans to commence purchase of crude oil from Niger Republic.

The plan is to use the crude sourced from Niger to feed the Kaduna refining plant.

One top management executive of NNPC told Vanguard Nigeria that Kaduna Refinery was built to refine oil from Saudi, Kuwait or Venezuela.

“The original design capacity was 60,000 barrels per day of light crude.

So in order to process paraffinic based crude oil from Venezuela, Kuwait or Saudi Arabia, the capacity was later increased to 110,000bpd.

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“So apart from having the capacity to refine Bonny Light, the plant can also process heavy crude oil from Kuwait, Lagomar crude from Venezuela, Arabian Light from Saudi Arabia and Urals from Russia.

“But for it to refine crude from Chad or Niger, the plant requires some form of refitting so that it can use crude specification from those countries as well.

“The refitting does not involve complex technology,” he explained.

NNPC’s GMD, Mr. Maikanti Baru, said Nigeria had begun bilateral discussions with the Minister of Energy and Oil of the Republic of Niger, Hon. Foumakoye Gado.

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Baru also stated that the NNPC would partner with Niger in the area of sharing geological data to further boost the ongoing exploratory activities in the Chad Basin and Benue Trough.

“We plan to set up the technical team to review the possibilities of how crude oil will be supplied to Kaduna refinery.

“Being bilateral, there are going to be two teams as discussed by the Minister of State, Petroleum Resources and the Minister of Energy and Oil of Niger.

The Buhari led administration had also announced plans to massive roads into Chad, Niger and neighboring countries.