GOODNEWS: Saudi releases new rules for 2017 Hajj

The Saudi Arabia Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has released a set of guidelines to protect the rights of pilgrims.

The Ministry of Hajj says that it will be protecting the rights of pilgrims through supervising committees.

The ministry has also established communication centers to receive complaints and observations.

The ministry says it will ensure that rights of foreign pilgrims are not violated too.

It says it will be monitoring contractual commitments and services such as accommodation, food and transportation.

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It said that it refers pilgrims’ complaints to a special committee which decides punishment against violators.

According to the new rule, a Hajj Services Company which provides substandard services will either be fined.

Depending on the level of violation, the company may be suspended from work or have its license revoked.

“Umrah pilgrims are entitled to safety and comfort while carrying out their rituals, transportation, luggage delivery and shipping, confirmation of flight bookings, alternative air tickets in case original ones are lost.

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“The rights of Hajj pilgrims include safety and comfort.

“There should be full implementation of contractual obligation by service-providing companies.

“Companies who fail to honor their contracts will face the weight of the law in courts,” the ministry said.

The statement added that the ministry will receive pilgrims’ complaints and observations.

It said the complaints would be presented to the concerned committee for investigating and issuing appropriate decision.