How British Ambassador converted to Islam and performed hajj

The British Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and his wife has converted to Islam.

Simon Collis and his wife Huda Mujarkech, completed their first Hajj pilgrimage after converting to Islam.

Ambassador Simon is probably the first British ambassador to perform the holy trip to both Mecca and Medina.

Collis and his wife were spotted taking pictures at the pilgrimage site. They both donned the traditional white pilgrimage robes worn during Islamic pilgrimages.

Saudi Arabian writer Fawziah Albakr posted the photos to Twitter.

She wrote in Arabic: “First British ambassador to the Kingdom undertakes the Hajj following his conversion to Islam.

“Simon Collis with his wife Huda in Mecca. Praise be to God.”

Here is the tweet:

The British Ambassador later tweeted in Arabic that after living among Muslim cultures for thirty years he had converted to Islam.

Well-wishers tweeted their congratulations to the Ambassador and his wife to which he replied “Thank you and Eid Mubarak.

The ambassador was posted to British high commission in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, since 2015.

He was previously posted to Middle Eastern countries such as Syria, Iraq, Qatar, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Tunisia and Yemen.

He has also served in India.

Recall that the Hajj pilgrimage is considered one of the five pillars of Islam.

Believers are encouraged to at least complete one trip to the holy site in their lifetime.

The annual pilgrimage lasts five days and took place between 9 and 14 September.

It is estimated that 1.8 million Muslim pilgrims in Saudi Arabia completed it this year.

It is estimated that 1.6 billion people worldwide are Muslim.

In the United Kingdom, Islam is the second largest religion, with 2.7 million believers, or 4.5 per cent of the total population.