I am embarrassed to be called a Nigerian – Soyinka

Professor Wole Soyinka has said he will be mourning the death of common sense in Nigeria.

Many Nigerians had called on Soyinka to tear his green card after Donald Trump won the US presidential elections.

Recall that Wole Soyinka had said if Trump wins, he’d destroy his green card (US residency permit).

Soyinka lashed back saying that Nigerians had no right to query his personal decision to tear his Green Card.

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“Our common sense is totally lost.

“I am embarrassed sometimes that I occupy the same nation space with some people.

“What right do they have to tell me that I have no right to take a decision in a particular way?

“I never took orders from late Sani Abacha, why should I take orders from you?

“I can decide whether to use a garden shell or scissors for my Green Card.

“What is the business of any Nigerian to challenge me on my decision?

“Barbarians have taken over the country using the anonymity of the Internet.

“They sit somewhere writing about me, questioning the right of me to express myself.

“If I decide to leave the US, it is my personal decision and not that of the millipedes of the Internet, who claw at any excuse.

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“I don’t know what the excitation is. Why do Nigerians tend to weep more than the bereaved?

“Trump is not really my business. He has been elected. He should do his work.

“There are born-again humans in all areas, why not in politics?

“Even the stock exchange reacted to Trump’s election. I also reacted in my own way.

“There is freedom of expression. We have far too many illiterates in this country.”