I have not stolen before – Deziani Allison (part 2)

The former minister of Petroleum, Allison Deziani Madueke has continued her defense against allegations that she stole from the Nation’s coffers.

Hear Deziani Allison’s second rebuttal to EFCC’s claim:

The presidency also asserts that I was indicted by Italian prosecutors for ‘sharing in the Loot’ of the $1.3bn OPL 245 Malabu oil block deal.

The said deal involved Malabu and the Joint Venture Multinational partners, ENI(AGIP) and Royal Dutch Shell.

Let me once again State for the record, that this is another figment of their imagination.

Let me clarify the position and the history of OPL 245, otherwise known as Malabu.

You will find a full chronology in the attached report that I made to the House of Representatives in late 2011 (Annex 2A/Annex-2B).

In 2010, shortly after I was appointed as Minister of Petroleum Resources, the issue of OPL 245 was brought to my attention.

I looked into the case and immediately became aware of the inherent and long-standing sensitivities around this issue.

It became clear from the onset that this case was not within the direct purview of the Minister of Petroleum Resources but in the main was centered on issues of Law.

By this time there was already an ICSID (International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes) investigation and claims against the FGN running into billions of dollars.

Therefore, we took directives from the Chief Legal Officer of the Nation; the Attorney General and Minister of Justice.

In all of these matters due process was followed to the letter at all times.

I wish to categorically state that I have never held any discussions on this matter, with any individuals or entities outside of official channels.

As Minister of Petroleum Resources, I did not participate in any activity relating to financial payments on the Malabu matter, other than those statutorily mandated to the Minister of Petroleum Resources by the Petroleum Act.

My role in this matter was a purely statutory one as required by Law in the Petroleum Act.