IBB & Atiku: Name of new mega political party emerges

Permutations for the formation of a new political party that will challenge the All Progressives Congress, rumors of a Mega Party is rife.

The political machinations and realignment are beginning to shape the political scene, with moves by politicians to form a mega party.

This news house gathered that proponents of the new mega party, drawn from PDP and APC, are fine tuning the name for the new party.

A source privy to the development said a meeting of all members will be convened in Abuja on December 19th.

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The members will also be drawn from all the six geo- political zones of the country.

The aim of the meeting is to conclude on a name for the new party.

Our correspondents gathered that among the names taunted, the Action Democratic Party, ADP, seem to fly with a majority of the group.

If members agree on the name and structure, all the documents would then be forwarded to INEC for full registration.

Meanwhile, PDP and APC’s national assembly members have discretely refused to take sides on the emerging political trend.

The source said, “The name of the new party is Action Democratic Party, ADP.

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“We will meet on 19th December in Abuja to look at the structure and send to INEC the name.

“At the meeting, we will determine who would be the pro tem Chairman.

“Everyone will be invited, those expected are from the six geo- political zones of the country as well as the Senatorial districts.

“Our proposed party will come out from the ashes of PDP and APC,” the source said.

Meanwhile, political watchers believe former President Ibrahim Babangida, Governor Ayo Fayose, and Governor Wike are behind the new name.