Indonesia announces new visa regime for Nigerians

The government of Indonesia has announced a new visa regime for people carrying the Nigerian passport.

The Indonesian Ambassador to Nigeria, Harry Purwanto, made the announcement today in Abuja.

Ambassador Purwanto told the News Agency of Nigeria that the new visa policy will commence with immediate effect.

Under the new visa regime, the Indonesian embassy will no longer be directly involved in processing visa for Nigerians.

He said the embassy will only collect visa applications.

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In other words, the embassy may have to employ a third party agency, like VSF, to process her visa applications.

The Ambassador said that the processing of visas to Indonesia would henceforth take a much longer time.

“Nigerians seeking visas to Indonesia should know that the Indonesian government has introduced a new visa application and issuance policy.

“Under the new policy, we as an Embassy in Nigeria, have been withdrawn from processing visas.

“All we are now required to do is to collect visa applications and send them to Indonesia for processing.

“We now have to be taking authority from Jakarta.

“We, therefore, want to tell Nigerians seeking visas to Indonesia to now begin their applications at least two weeks in advance.

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“This will enable us to send their visa applications on time to Jakarta,” he said.

Ambassador Purwanto charged Nigerians to always ensure that authentic information and documents were provided in their visa application forms.

He said falsification of documents may result in visa refusal from Jakarta.

The Ambassador said that about 1,000 Nigerians were issued visas to Indonesia, this year alone.

He also said that his government would continue to create the right environment for mutual trade relations and people-to-people interactions between genuine Nigerians and Indonesians.