IPOB explains how the Israeli connection will create Biafra

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has said it will focus more on activities that will sensitize Biafrans towards its upcoming referendum.

The group says it will pay less attention to distractions of individuals who are averse to freedom from oppression.

IPOB says it would no longer respond to the ‘ranting of some Biafrans who have sold their soul for a pot of porridge’.

The statement was signed by IPOB spokespersons, Mr. Emma Nmezu and Dr. Clifford Iroanya.

“Nothing will ever make us waver or retreat from restoring our God-given nation.

“We welcome multiplicity of organizations from Biafraland, including those from Igbo-speaking areas.

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“We know that Biafrans will be eternally grateful to the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu and the worldwide family of IPOB.

“We will never retreat, we will never surrender until Biafra and all oppressed people are unconditionally liberated.

“IPOB, under Kanu’s leadership, has come out to restore Biafra.

“It is a task we will achieve in the shortest possible time and nothing will stop us from restoring the nation of Biafra.

“The current slogan of ‘restructuring’ is as a result of the irreversible resolve of Biafrans to leave Nigeria.

“The truth preached by Kanu and IPOB increased the confidence to advocate ‘restructuring’ in the first place.

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“But Biafrans have already been educated.

“They know that infrastructural development can only happen in a sovereign nation of Biafra.

“Under this, the presidency will not be determined by zoning and where nobody will be treated as a minority.

“We have a 75 -year infrastructure development plan that will even outlast this present generation of freedom fighters.

“At IPOB, our preoccupation is the wellbeing of our children yet unborn and posterity.

“We shall not build roads for the benefit of winning the next election but for the collective advancement of every soul within the society,” IPOB said.

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“God liberated and gathered Israel in 1948 from all parts of the world to their present place, not through protests, but prayers.

“If God could deliver Israel, He will also deliver Ndigbo. God will fight the cause of the Igbo if only we will obey Him.”

“Nothing shall ever make us waver or retreat from restoring our God-given nation,” the group said.