Nigerian Islamic scholars bans Muslims from traveling to USA

The Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC, has issued a Fatwa to Muslims across the country from traveling to USA.

The warning was based on the victory of Republican Presidential elect, Donald J. Trump.

According to a statement signed by the group’s director, Professor Ishaq Akintola, “MURIC affirms that Trump’s victory has serious implications for Muslims around the world.

“His Americanization of virtually everything and a pathological obsession with Islamophobia calls for grave concern.

“The contemptuous treatment of Muslims travelling in or out of America has long been a matter of serious concern.

“Coupled with this, Muslims are kidnapped en route other destinations.

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“They are forcefully taken to Guatemala to face America’s notorious waterboarding and other forms of inhuman treatment.

“The advent of Donald Trump is the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

“The American President-Elect has divided America along racial and religious lines.

“He threatened to close mosques.

“He also swore to give Muslims a special data base in order to control terrorism.

“Trump may be an iconoclast, but the Americans who voted for him were not deaf.

“They heard him loud and clear. They heard all his threats.

“The victory of Trump means that Western democracies are jettisoning globalization for nationalism.

“We call on Muslims around the world to respect the wish of the American people to be left alone.

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“Qur’an 49:13 is a categorical vote for the universality of mankind and Islam is a religion for all nations.

“The victory of Trump reveals the paradoxical underbelly of the world’s greatest democracy.

“Finally, we appeal to Nigerian followers to suspend planned trips to the United States until they know which way the cat will jump.

“Any Nigerian Muslim who ignores this advice is on his own.

“We also advise immigrant Muslims residing in the United States to return to their countries.”