Meet the girl that videoed Miss Anambara s*x tape

The Due Process Advocates (DPA) group has announced that they have discovered the mastermind behind Miss Anambara leaked lesbian tape.

The convener of the group, Barrister Ugwuonye, said “The name of the girl behind the camera in the Chidinma Okeke s*x video scandal is Jane Emoka.

“She was a diploma student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University at the relevant time.

“She was the one through which the principal figure sold the idea of making the s*x video to Chidinma and her roommate, Ada.

“Jane was the one that used her phone camera to make the video.

“Jane is the owner of the hand that is seen in the video opening the girls’ legs.

“She also participated in the s*x act. However, she was edited out of the video before it was uploaded on the internet.

Why was she edited out? We know the answer to that. The original video was edited at the ABS media studio.

“We know who edited it and we know who uploaded it on the internet and how that person did it.

“We have complete information on what happened.

“We know how the videos were made, who made it, why they were made, and the person that edited the video.

“It is quite a fascinating story of deep intrigues. But it is not what you thought.

“We are the best investigators in Africa. We now what happened from A to Z.

“The picture below is the picture of Ms. Jane Emoka is shown below.

“For your information, the man that owned the bank account in which Chidinma and Ada were blackmailed into depositing money was arraigned in Lagos recently.

“That man is now in Kirikiri prison on a remand while waiting to perfect his bail application.

“It is surprising that none of the suspected big wigs behind this game are coming forward to help him now.

“The small thief now seems to stand alone,” Barrister Ugwuonye said.