Meet the Yoruba Christian Boko Haram arrested in Lagos

A Christian man, from Ondo State, who was plotting to blow up the third mainland bridge in Lagos has been arrested.

The mastermind of the planned attack was picked up security by operatives last week.

The Special Intelligence Response Team (IRT) attached to the IG trailed and arrested one of the suspects.

The suspect, 43-year-old Abiodun Amos, is a member of a notorious militant group with suspected ties to Boko Haram.

Nicknamed Senti, Abiodun is the group’s chief bomb maker.

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The group operates from the creeks of Ikorodu and Arepo areas of Lagos and Ogun States.

Amos has since confessed to how he intended to blow up the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos on Boxing Day.

Unknown to Abiodun, the IRT had been building intelligence on him and were working on tracking him down.

Their diligence eventually paid off on the day they were to execute their nefarious plan, as he was trailed to a riverbank at the Majidu area of Ikorodu, Lagos.

After he was arrested, two AK47 rifles hidden in a jute bag were found in his possession.

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Abiodun then led the IRT operatives to a vehicle where a large cache of dynamites and detonators was stacked.

Abiodun’s arrest was due to an intelligence ‎report provided by the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA) in Abuja.

The report indicated that the group was in the final stage of carrying out the said attack.

The IG directed his operatives at the IRT to commence a full-scale investigation.

The investigation unearthed the fact that the group was actually planning to blow up the bridge at the end of the month.

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Further investigations revealed that the group had acquired large quantities of dynamites and several other explosives.

Police sources said they took the intelligence report seriously due to the threats made by the group in October 2016.

The militant group is notorious for pipeline vandalism, kidnapping, and bank robberies.

They had threatened to disrupt economic activities in Lagos if the FG did not grant them pipeline protection contracts.

                                                                      Abiodun Amos