MMM Nigeria lambastes NASS and Federal government

Some promoters and members of Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox, popularly known as MMM, have lambasted the Federal Government for ‘witch hunting’ the money making scheme.

The Federal House of Representatives had described the scheme as a “scam” and warned Nigerians to stop dealing in it.

House members had directed the EFCC and CBN to immediately go after the promoters of MMM in Nigeria.

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Also, the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation, NDIC, had revealed plans to shut down the scheme in Nigeria.

A branch manager of a new generation bank told our correspondents that “All these people that are against MMM are not ready to take risks.

“They have been victims of networking schemes and online businesses that didn’t pay them well.

“It’s not like they doubt MMM, they are just naïve about how the whole thing works. It’s magical, you know.

“Even the banks are furious because they can’t just believe that any deposit scheme can promise a 30% interest rate after 30 days, but I am a banker and I am not in doubt.

“Even some bankers are enjoying from MMM; the unemployed also are not left out.

“To an average Nigerian, the benefits of MMM is not far-fetched.

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“There are people that now have more than a million in their accounts in few months via the scheme.

“They have not scammed or been scammed by anybody.

“I can’t understand why members of the National Assembly and the government are witch hunting the scheme.

“They have refused to pass a bill that will bring about employment and revive the bad economy.

“Do you know how many people would have taken to crime due to lack of jobs in the country if not for MMM?”