Nigerian youths are an embarrassment to me – Buhari

President Buhari is not happy at the high rate of Nigerians migrating to Europe through the Mediterranean Sea.

The president disclosed his position at the 32rd Annual Meeting of the Sahel and West Africa.

The program was organized by the Food Crisis Protection Network in Abuja on Monday.

The Food Crisis Protection Network is an international network created in 1984 as part of the regional system for the prevention of food crisis.

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The president called for an immediate stop to the action by Nigerians, saying it was unfair to European countries.

He said that agricultural revitalization was a solution to the migration issue.

He expressed his administration’s plan to support farmers in order to boost local production in the country.

“We are pained when we see our youths, in a desperate attempt to cross the desert, get to Libya and cross the Mediterranean Sea to Europe.

“We consider it as something that must stop as fast as possible because it is unfair to Europe.

“We think that if we reorganize our agriculture better, many of these youths will earn a decent living at home.

“This will prevent them from becoming an embarrassment to their host countries and to us here in Africa.

“We are not unmindful of our youth’s population here.

“Hence the need to ensure that the agriculture sector is revitalized as soon as possible.

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“We have decided that we will no longer rely on rainfall.

“We will create dams, water reservoirs, and insist on harvesting food at least three times in a year,” the president said.

The president described the threat to the food crisis in West Africa as real.

According to him, there are 800 million hectares of agricultural lands across the world.

He said Africa owns half of those uncultivated lands.