Nigeria’s Rio Olympic football team may miss their match today

Nigeria’s Rio Olympic men’s football team will be playing a match today, Thursday in Brazil today.

They’re supposed to be playing Japan.

While other teams arrived days before the game, the Nigerian football team was stranded in Atlanta.

The squad finally left Thursday morning.

If all goes well, they will be landing just hours before the match begins.

A Delta Airline spokesperson confirmed that the team departed at about 8 a.m. E.T.

The delay was caused by the Nigerian Government’s lackluster willingness to pay the charter airline company.

“It has been an absolute shambles.

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“The whole thing is a complete embarrassment,” one football analyst said.

“The players are really worried and so are the people in Nigeria.

“Anything can happen — more delays, bad weather.

“It is completely the wrong way to prepare for an Olympic game.”

One player who didn’t want to be named relayed to that ‘“this is nonsense.

“What are we supposed to do now?

“Just sit in America when the Games are happening in Brazil?

“We don’t even know when we are leaving and I tell you if we don’t leave today, I will just pack my bags and return to my club.

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The soccer Olympic team were billed to leave for Rio on Wednesday.

When they boarded the flight, they observed that the ministry of had booked a plane too small to carry all the players.

They disengaged from the flight.

A solution was eventually found when the group made contact with another airline, Delta airlines.

“We realized there was a time crunch here because these guys were playing the next day.

“Once we realized that logistically we could make this happen, we got things rolling quickly.

“We understand, with the plans on ground, we will definitely be in Brazil for the game,” said team spokesman Timi Ebikagboro.