Why I did not have time to go to school – Buhari

We will not criticise someone of his genius level or question anything he does.

Well, do Nigerians now see that President Buhari is not a democrat, right? Remember Rivers rerun elections?

Why did our President obey the court orders that compelled him compensate ‘Repented’ Boko Haram victims?

Why is the president feet dragging in the release of El Zakzaky and other political prisoners?

Do we now see how the President’s Secretary to the Federal Government allocated contracts to himself and refused to execute?

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What then is the difference between the SGF and Dasuki Sambo?

It’s really straightforward. Our President has been hijacked.

And we don’t expect the situation to change again.

To add salt to injury, the President refused to present his WAEC certificate. Ordinary WAEC certificate!

He rather hired 13 SANs to defend him for not being able to present his certificate.

And yesterday, the President made a slip and told the whole world the dark side of his educational background.

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President Buhari said there was no time for officers to further their education during his days in the military.

He said military men were only preoccupied with war, coups and counter-coups at the time.

The president made the shocking revelation during the decoration of his Aide-De-Camp, Col. Mohammed Abubakar.

“I am happy with the intellectual approach of the military.

“In our time, there was no time for academic pursuit.

“This was why I did not attain higher education.

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“It was all about war, coups and counter-coups.

He said modern military required superiority of intellect and imagination to achieve victory in warfare.

He also urged military officers at the occasion to use such opportunity to pursue their intellectual transformation.

Well. We’re happy those serving under the president are advancing themselves academically.

We also wish our President’s certificate saga does not surface again as the entire episode was an embarrassment to the nation.

Next time, tell us the truth!