Nurse yanks off baby’s hand during delivery

An auxiliary nurse in Odogunyan Ikorodu area of Lagos has been arrested by the police for her role in the [neutralization] of a baby during delivery.

The nurse, simply identified as Oyekanmi, yanked off one mistakenly yanked off Mrs. Adeola’s baby during delivery.

Mrs. Adeola went into labor in the dead of the night and was rushed to Oyekanmi’s residence for help.

Oyekanmi, while attempting to force the delivery, was said to have pulled off the baby’s hand.

She later advised that the child be taken to the Ikorodu General Hospital, where the [neutralized] child was finally delivered.

Doctors at the hospital were reported to have queried the baby’s parents on what truly transpired, and they opened up.

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The hospital management then alerted the police to the incident.

A source said Oyekanmi was picked up by the police.

The source said, “What happened was that the auxiliary nurse tried to deliver the woman of the baby.

“In the process, a complication developed. But she continued.

“In the end, the hand of the baby was pulled off while she tried to force the child out from the mother’s womb.

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“Afterward, they quickly packed the woman together and brought her to the general hospital.

“It had become a critical case by then.

“The remains of the [neutralized] child were brought out, while the matter was reported to the police.”

The Police Public Relations Officer, SP Dolapo Badmos, confirmed the incident.

“The doctor at the hospital discovered that something was amiss after taking a close look at the dead child.

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“The doctor observed that one hand of the baby had been pulled off.

“All the parties were invited to make statements. It is a case of infanticide; investigations are ongoing.”