OSINBAJO: I was voted by the people of this nation, I will not resign

Acting President Yemi Osinbajo has once again reiterated that President Buhari is only undergoing medical tests and that he will be back soon.

Osinbajo also described as “fake news” reported by some sections of the media that he was under pressure to resign.

Osinbajo also disclosed that he had a phone conversation with the president Monday and he was “hale and hearty”.

“I’m not under pressure to resign. I was voted for by the people of this nation – myself and Mr. President.

“Since the people that voted us into power have not asked us to resign, I will not resign.

“I am absolutely not under any pressure whatsoever.

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“The truth is that there has been no pressure from any source asking me to resign.”

“Like I said, the president is hale and hearty, I spoke with the president just this afternoon.

“We had a warm conversation. He was interested in knowing about the budget process.

“He asked how far we have gone and the meeting today with the private sector and the economic recovery growth plan.

“I informed him about the protest march and the feedback on what people are saying about the economy.

“Just like he said in his letter to the National Assembly, he needs to go for a cycle of tests.

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“Once he sees the test results and gets medical advice, we should expect him very soon.”

“I think that the health status of Mr. President is an issue that only Mr. President can discuss at the appropriate time.

“Again he is running tests and all of that. So far, he is in a good shape.

“Before you are able to determine your health status, you must be able to say this is my health status.

“Categorically: do the tests my doctors have advised me to do and wait for the outcome of the tests and know my status.”