President Buhari: APC legal counsel also bribed judges – EFCC

It’s no longer news that President Buhari has given the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, a nod to prosecute corrupt judges across the country.

EFFC operatives have disclosed that their investigation has led them to a rather unfortunate discovery.

EFCC investigators have so far detected a series of suspicious transactions involving senior lawyers.

Yesterday EFCC agents invited three of lawyers to the agency’s offices for questioning.

Our sources revealed that the agency has listed at least 25 lawyers for interrogation.

The agents disclosed that several of the judges have been questioned by the anti-corruption agency.

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However, one senior lawyer grilled yesterday was Paul Usoro. Usoro is one of Senator Bukola Saraki’s legal counsels.

Mr. Usoro allegedly made five deposits into the account of James Agbadu-Fishim of the Industrial Court.

EFCC agents disclosed that, when asked why he made the deposits, Mr. Usoro claimed they were for four burials in the judge’s family.

On further interrogation, Usoro named the deceased as the judge’s father, mother, mother-in-law, and father-in-law.

He reportedly told EFCC agents that the fifth payment was to support the judge in any future funeral activity in the judge’s family.

During their analysis of banking and other financial documents, the agency discovered that Muiz Banire, also made some suspicious transactions.

Who’s Muiz Banire again?

Muiz Banire is the National Legal Adviser of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

He served as the commissioner for transport and later of environment in Lagos State.

He used to be one of Tinubu’s boys until he switched sides and joined the President’s cabal.

That was how he became the National Legal Adviser to APC. He is a close ally of President Buhari.

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He and other party leaders ditched Bola Tinubu’s preferred candidate in the Ondo State governorship primary elections.

EFCC sources say Muiz had wired large sums of cash to one of the judges under investigation.

EFCC agents said their forensic scrutiny of some judges’ bank accounts revealed suspicious payments made by Mr. Banire.

Mr. Banire has not been invited by the EFCC and this news house could not confirm if he would be summoned.