President Muhammadu Buhari is very corrupt – Hajia Aisha

The co-convener of BBOG group, Aisha Yesufu, has reacted to a letter written by President Buhari to the Senate that cleared Babachir Lawal of corruption.

Babachir had been alleged to have diverted money meant to fight the humanitarian crisis in the North East.

On investigation, the Senate recommended that Babachir is sacked and prosecuted by the president.

But the president had explained why he cannot honor the senate’s report calling for Lawal’s arrest and prosecution.

In her reaction, Yesufu called out the President, saying the reason for his defense was because he was corrupt.

She tweeted: “Does the President need the senate to even sack d SGF? You must not only talk tough. You must act it.

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“It’s surprisingly amazing.

“The President that was using a sachet of milk and beverage now carrying teapot in London. Wahala dey.

“I will rather die imprisoned for saying the truth than becoming a defender of the Corrupt like the President.

“Democracy is not fraud. The win for me was that we changed a sitting government and we would again Insha Alla.

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“If President Buhari has any shred of honor, character, & integrity he should RESIGN.

“Enough of the damage that might last a generation.

“If President Buhari can clear someone that stole 200m from vulnerable IDPs in this type of recession, then imagine what he would have done in abundance.

“Either Babachir looted on behalf of Buhari or President Buhari has looted more and Babachir has evidence or PMB is going senile.

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“In Nigeria when one is poor one is faceless, nameless and voiceless.

“President Buhari whom the poor supported massively just reaffirmed it.

“Rich Nigerians must get a fair hearing.

“The rest can be lynched for whatever reason on the streets. Whatever you do, don’t be poor in Nigeria.