Trump ‘mistakenly’ invites a pr0stitute to whitehouse

President Donald Trump of United States has sparked another jest in the British parliament.

The British Prime Minister is supposed to pay the US president this week.

A White house memo that officially notified government officials of the visit is now at the center of the controversy.

Instead of typing ‘Theresa May’ (who is the British prime minister), the memo read ‘Teresa May’. Notice that ‘h’ is dropped in the name.

The further complicate issues, Teresa May is actually a p0rnstar who has starred in various adult movies.

Coincidentally, Teresa May has starred in porn0graphic films including one entitled “Whitehouse: The Sex Video’’.

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The typographical error in a White House press office memo had the British media jesting on about the issue.

British tabloid jested that President Donald Trump might think he is meeting a glamor model after mistake in spelling.

May, will become the first foreign leader to meet Trump as U.S. president.

“In the afternoon, the President will partake in a bilateral meeting with United Kingdom Prime Minister, Teresa May,” the memo read.

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The memo repeated the mistake at least two more times, making a total of three misspellings.

The diplomatic faux pas prompted the British press to go into overdrive.

The Twitter handle @RealTeresaMay belongs to a retired UK glamor model.

In a bizarre twist, it has similarities to the president’s own Twitter handle of @realDonaldTrump.

The Independent reported that the prime minister plans to reboot a “special relationship” between the two countries.

This is not President Trump’s first run-in with a case of mistaken identity with a woman called Ivanka from Brighton, UK.

The Ivanka girl enjoyed a brief moment of internet fame after the president accidentally tweeted her instead of his daughter.