PROOF: Aisha Buhari took money from London Embassy

Wife of President Muhammadu Buhari, Aisha Buhari, challenged SR to prove she took money from the Nigerian Embassy in London.

Aisha Buhari claimed she has never traveled to London in an entourage.

The statement further claimed that Mrs. Buhari only travels with family members.

She also claimed that no monies were given her by the Nigerian Embassy in London.

There were two positions Aisha Buhari asked SR to prove.

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Firstly, that she traveled with an entourage, and secondly, she took money from the Nigerian Embassy in London.

That proof is here.

However, documents obtained by SR showed that the wife of the president actually traveled with more persons than she claimed.

Contrary to Aisha’s claims, the Embassy in London did spend money on the President wife.

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Two documents obtained by SR showed that on July 2016, Aisha traveled to the UK with a nine-member delegation.

During that trip, Mrs. Buhari had the High Commission pay for her ticket.

In fact, she even canceled her initial trip leading the High Commission to incur a penalty of £200.

The expense associated with her visit included the last-minute ticket purchase by a member of her delegation that was not initially included in the list sent to the High Commission.

During the July visit, Mrs. Buhari was scheduled to stay at the vacant home of Nigeria’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

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She was also expected to travel to other parts of the world while her entourage remained in London for three weeks.

During one of her tips, the Embassy in the UK allocated £10,000 for her expenses, including an elaborate VIP reception on her arrival at the airport.

The memo revealed that the First Lady was booked to receive VIP treatment at Windsor Suites at Heathrow that cost £1,500 per passenger.

She was then scheduled to attend an event in Brussels and other places before returning to London.

The event was widely reported in the media.

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Photos published by SR showed that at least 10 Nigerian women, including wives of several state governors, accompanied Aisha.

See some of the documents below: