Report a fraud and get sacked: Buhari changes his mind

A few weeks ago, President Buhari and his cabinet have approved a policy which sought to expose fraud in Nigeria.

To this effect, a whistle-blowing portal was opened on the official website of the Ministry of finance.

The new policy was created to encourage Nigerians to anonymously expose fraud in both private and public sector.

Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun disclosed this to State House reporters after the FEC meeting chaired by the President.

According to Kemi, “If there is a voluntary return of stolen funds or assets, the whistleblower will get anywhere between 2.5% and 5.0% of the total amount recovered.”

“The whistleblower must have provided the government with information it does not already have.

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“And the government could not otherwise be obtained from any other publicly available sources.

“A first level review will always be carried out to determine credibility and sufficiency of information received.

“If you report false or misleading information, it will be referred to the enforcement agents for investigation and possible prosecution.”

Well, this policy was put to test last week as an official working in the foreign affairs ministry reported stolen funds.

He was sacked on the spot!

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His crime? He reported an illegal withdrawal from the Nigerian Technical Cooperation fund domiciled with the African Development Bank.

He also reported another illegal withdrawal of N800,000.00 to the EFCC.

The NTCF is a trust fund established by the FG to be jointly managed by the AfDB and the ministry on behalf of FG.

However, when he got wind of the diversion of the fund, Ntia Thompson, reported the theft to EFCC.

After investigations, EFCC found the story to be true and compelled those who stole the N800,000 to refund it.

They did. No further action was taken against the officials to refund the $229,000 which they had already taken.

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But a few days after the EFCC had begun an investigation into the scam, the whistleblower was summoned.

He was later sacked on the grounds that he violated his oath of secrecy.

The President has so far done nothing. This goes to prove that the policy created by PMB is a sham.

Those reporting anyone who steals does so at his own risk.

For proof, here is the link the FG provided for reporting stolen: