Saudi Arabia sentences another prince to flogging

Saudi Arabia has flogged a prince convicted in a criminal case, a newspaper reported Wednesday.

This comes just two weeks after another was executed for [neutralizing] another citizen in the country.

The unnamed prince was lashed alongside other convicts in a prison in the city of Jeddah on Monday.

It said the prince had been sentenced to flogging and jail without specifying the charges.

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It was unclear how many lashes he received.

Last month, Saudi authorities executed Prince Turki bin Saud al-Kabir in a highly unusual case involving one of the thousands of members of the royal family.

He was condemned after he shot another young man during a brawl at a desert camp in 2012.

His sentence was confirmed by a royal decree issued by King Salman himself, who is a distant cousin of the executed man.

Such punishments are carried out with a sword.

Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s most prolific executioners and has a strict Islamic legal code under which murder, drug trafficking, armed robbery, rape and apostasy are all punishable by death.

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Rights groups have also raised concerns about flogging sentences, including those handed to Saudi rights activist Raif Badawi.

Badawi was convicted for insulting Islam while Palestinian poet, Ashraf Fayad, was convicted of apostasy.

Arrested in 2012, Badawi is serving a 10-year jail sentence and has received 50 lashes of a 1,000-lash sentence that caused international outrage.