Shocking! No national grazing bill before senate

The national grazing bill has caused much furor in the Nigerian polity. The only truth regarding the bill is that the bill was presented to the National Assembly by Senator Zainab Kure in the 7th Senate presided over by David Mark. Reacting to the rumor, the senator representing Abia South, Senator Eyinnaya Abaribe, debunked rumors to this effect.

Abaribe called on the Committee on Rules and Business of the Senate to clarify issues on the existence of a Grazing Reserve Commission bill in the assembly. According to him, “I have gotten more than 1,000 calls and this has to do with something called the Grazing Reserve Commission Bill. When I asked where the information is coming from, they said the information is coming from the social media. Mr. President the last time a Grazing Reserve Commission Bill came to this Senate was in the 7th Senate and was proposed by Sen. (Zainab) Kure who is no longer in the Senate.

“So the reason why I am making this personal explanation is so that my constituents in Abia South will know that there is no such bill called Grazing Reserve Commission Bill before this Senate. I have taken time to ask the clerk and every other person to say where is this bill that has passed second reading and they said they also are in confusion, they have never seen such thing,” he said.

This media house recalls that Femi Fani Kayode lent credence to the said bill which made it viral. According to Femi, the bill: “This is an eloquent expression of radical Islam, with its pervasive use of violence as a tool of conquest and subjugation, in its purest and most obvious form. Inspired and equipped with this Janjaweed philosophy and ethos, the whole of core northern Nigeria was conquered by Sheik Usman Dan Fodio through the use of terror and by the power of the sword in the name of jihad. Millions of innocent non-Muslims were cut to pieces in the process.

“Given the activities of Boko Haram and the Fulani herdsmen in our country today it appears that some in our shores are still interested in implementing that satanic agenda. They wish to continue where Usman Dan Fodio stopped and they wish to dip the Koran in the Atlantic Ocean,” he said.

“Their latest attempt is the introduction and proposal of what is known as the National Grazing Reserve Bill which will give the Fulani herdsmen the right to claim other people’s land all over the country and which will empower them by law to create their own settlements and communities in the territory of others. Worse still under that law the government will be compelled to fund those settlements and put all that they need in terms of infrastructure in place for them. That is why our Minister of Agriculture is now talking about importing Brazilian grass for the Fulani herdsmen and their cattle.

This subtle and exceptionally brilliant attempt to infiltrate and conquer by guile and assimilation reminds me of the frightful laws that were put in place in the old wild western prairies of 19th century America. Those laws gave the white settlers rights over the lands of the indigenous Red Indians and saw the Indians themselves subjected to genocide and ethnic cleansing and herded into barren reservations that were not fit for human habitation.

“Let me be clear: the greatest evil that we are confronted with in Nigeria today is the National Grazing Reserve Bill. It is more evil than anything that we have ever seen before. It is more insidious and dangerous than anything that we can possibly imagine.”

The only thing wrong with Femi’s assertion is that there is no such bill before the senate. Read the “BILL FOR An Act to Provide for the Establishment, Preservation and Control of National Grazing Reserves and Stock Routes and the Creation of National Grazing Reserve Commission and for Purposes Connected Therewith Sponsored by Senator Zainab Kure” here.