Sultan Bello Mosque crisis ends as Sheikh Khalid steps down

The leadership tussle over who is the chief Imam of the Sultan Bello Mosque in Kaduna State seem to be over.

The fight over ‘Imamship’ was between an appointee of the Sultan of Sokoto and Sheik Ahmed Gumi.

The Sultan had appointed the Secretary-General of the Jama’atu Nasril Islam, Abubakar Khalid, as the Chief Imam of the mosque.

Sheik Gumi objected to the appointed. He said the appointment must be democratic.

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The crisis got so bad that police even tear-gassed worshipers in the mosque.

Following the crisis, Governor Nasir El Rufai jumped in the fray and decided to settle the warring factions.

The governor convened a meeting between the warring factions and proposed a solution to the crisis.

He proposed “That the Deputy Imam (Naibi) be allowed to continue deputizing in acting capacity.

“While this is ongoing, the management committee, the Emir of Zazzau, Jama’atu Nasril Islam & Shiekh Ahmad Gumi’s faction will set up a committee that will oversee the appointment of a substantive Imam.”

All parties accepted the final resolution and dispersed.

However, the appointee of Sultan of Sokoto, Sheikh Khalid said he’d decided to step down and prevent trouble.

“After a deep thought on the Imamship of Sultan Bello Mosque imbroglio, for the sake of Allahu SWT, image of Islam, unity of the Ummah, peace, security, love and brotherhood, I have today stepped down as the Imam of the Sultan Bello Mosque after so being appointed,” Mr. Khalid said.

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When Sheikh. Gumi was contacted over Mr. Khalid’s stepping down, he said he was not aware of the development.

“Step down? No I am not aware of it.

“Whether Khalid steps down or not, government is going to issue a press release on what transpired at the meeting.

“But conclusion that can bring peace has been reached,” Shiek Gumi said.