TENSION: Hausa man does this over N30 cooked indomie

A Hausa Indomie noodles seller has allegedly slain a commercial bus driver in the Igando area of Lagos last night.

The Hausa boy, Adamu, attacked Olalekan Adeleke following a disagreement over N30.

An eyewitness said trouble started when the 37-year-old Olalekan visited a canteen owned by the suspect at College Bus Stop to eat.

He requested for noodles and two eggs to be prepared for him, after which he was given a bill of N230.

He was said to have paid N200 to the suspect’s son, a development which angered the food vendor.

“The boy then told his father that Adeleke paid N200 and promised to come back with N30 shortly.

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“Adamu ran after Adeleke”, the witness said.

Other customers present at the scene appealed to Adamu to allow Adeleke go home to get the balance of N30.

It was further gathered that when Adeleke came back with the money, Adamu reportedly continued the fight.

“People who saw him running after Adeleke to the other side of the road told him to calm down”, the source said.

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“Later, Adeleke brought the N30 and asked the boy if it was because of N30 they wanted to embarrass him.

“As Adeleke was inside the container talking to his son, Adamu just entered with a plank he was holding and hit his side”.

The late Adeleke was said to have escaped and was about crossing the road.

The raging Adamu went after him and hit him on the head with a log of wood. He fell and died.

“When I saw what had happened, I called our other guys who were on the other side to come.

“People who were eating gathered and told Adamu to take him to the hospital, but he was busy pouring water on his head.

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The same Adamu’s ear was chopped off some years back at Igando because he stabbed somebody to death.

The suspect, sensing a mob action on him, ran and hid in a drainage until police arrived.

“He was later arrested and Adeleke’s corpse carted away.

“Youths in the area burnt down Adamu’s shop. We have destroyed the container and burnt it,” the source said.