Why Boko Haram members are migrating to Europe

Nigeria is rapidly deteriorating.

Forget what the government tells you.

Boko Haram has decimated the North-Eastern part of the nation.

Granted, food scarcity is hitting Boko Haram camps hard. The same crisis is also affecting the civilian population there too.

For Boko Haram, they have a means of survival.

The food scarcity is forcing indoctrinated BH members to move out in droves, intelligence sources have said.

According to Daily Mail, Boko Haram has resorted to trans-border migration.

Like ISIS, their destination is Europe (via Sahara desert and Libya).

Intelligence sources say BH members were seen heading for Europe.

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The report says others had begun to travel to join and fight for the Islamic State in Syria.

A source from Nigeria’s National Intelligence Agency said “Boko Haram refugees will soon start showing up on the Mediterranean’s shores.

“Some of these people are trained suicide bombers and fighters, including children as young as 10.

“They have all been indoctrinated by Boko Haram.

“They will soon turn up in Europe’s capitals.”

The civilian population in Boko Haram ravished territories are dying of hunger.

The situation is very bad. World health statistics says “Five children are dying an hour with 250,000 at risk of starvation while parliament remains hamstrung in a political wrangle.”

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The humanitarian crisis in Maiduguri in particular is blamed on the leadership fight between the executive and the legislature.

Saraki’s prosecution had been obstructing his attempt to get the Senate to pass a motion to grant £215m in aid to tackle the emergency in the North-East.

Our source said, “This case needs a swift conclusion for the country.

“They need to unite and tackle the very serious issues of famine, security and a stumbling economy.

“This famine must not happen on our watch.

“I have seen the plight of these people with my own eyes and it is desperate.

“The government is making every effort to ensure money is available to fully address this issue.”

The United Nations have asked Nigeria “To declare the situation a humanitarian disaster to get relief.

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“This is not a time for politics or game playing.

“Five children are dying an hour every single day.

“This requires urgent action.

“They need to drop their political differences and come together.

“They can fight later when the children are ok.”

“If we do not make adequate provision for these people there could be an exodus.

“That’s when Europe will panic and it will happen when people have nothing and take desperate measures.”