Why did GEJ attend Islamic conferences – Presidency

One of President Buhari’s aides, Mrs. Lauretta Onochie, has launched a clean-up of the presidency.

Onochie is the president’s Special Assistant on Social Media.

Onochie said GEJ was a regular participant at the meetings of the Organization of Islamic Conference.

According to Onochie, “Lies upon lies were cooked up against the person of the President.

“How, years ago, he misappropriated funds while serving at the Petroleum Trust Fund.

“That fell on its face. Flat on its face. Years ago, it was thoroughly investigated and found to be untrue.

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“They moved on to President Buhari’s religion.

“They have mapped out the plan of how President Buhari planned to Islamize Nigeria.

“Only those with no common sense and some mischievous intents, believe the trash.

“It did not matter that Ex-Pres. Jonathan was a regular at the meeting of the Organization of Islamic Conference.

“GEJ benefitted financially from the Islamic organization while making policy statements in churches.

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“Nigeria is a nation and has no religion. Only individuals have religious leanings.

“After they failed woefully to taint the Buhari-led war on corruption, they went back to the drawing board.

“Their plan was simple: ‘If we can’t pin anything on the eagle, let’s smear the eaglets with tar’.

“We haven’t forgotten how Gov. Ayo Fayose of Ekiti, targeted the Wife of the President for a smear campaign.

“Fayose’s lies didn’t stick as they were promptly exposed to have been fraudulently concocted by the serial electoral fraudster.

“So they turned their attention to the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Engr. BD Lawal.

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“Apart from being male, there is also no common grounds between Pres. Buhari and Ex-Pres. Jonathan.

“While the ex-president was docile, president Buhari is alive to his responsibilities and has the will to charge anyone found wanting.

“Anyone in authority under the watchful eyes of Pres. Buhari who crosses the line of corruption should be exposed and punished.

“But to frame innocent individuals with falsified stories, aimed at humiliating them is unfair.

“Dressing Mrs. Buhari in Mrs. Jonathan’s robe is an effort in futility. It won’t fit. Let’s get out facts straight.”