Why Nigerians will celebrate Christmas in darkness – Fashola

Nigeria owns 26 power generating plants. 9 of these did not generate any power yesterday.

Aside from this, two other hydropower plants were nearly crippled.

A couple of others are performing abysmally.

The Shiroro Power Station in Niger State and Jebba Power Station in Kwara State recorded a drop in power generation.

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Shiroro fell from 381MW to 300MW while Jebba fell from 476MW to 450MW, respectively.

Unit 411G3 of Shiroro was out for water management, while 411G4 was out on maintenance.

Jebba’s unit 2G4 was also out for water management and 2G6 due to burnt generator winding and automatic voltage regulator.

Egbin power plant in Lagos recorded the worst reduction in power generation.

Its power generating capacity fell from 1,320MW to 160MW as of 6am on Wednesday.

Recall that Nigeria recorded another total system collapse on Sunday, December 4, the second in less than two weeks.

The total national power generation fell to 3,251MW as of 6am on Wednesday, down from 3,574.2MW on Monday, November 28.

The power plants that were idle included Olorunsogo II in Ogun State and Ibom Power in Cross River.

Other plants, which did not generate any megawatt of electricity, were Afam IV & V, Odukpani NIPP, Trans-Amadi, AES, ASCO, and Gbarain.

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Olorunsogo’s units GT1, 2, 3, 4 and ST2 were said to be out due to gas constraints, while ST1 was out on maintenance.

The GT1 unit of Ibom Power was out on guide vane problem, while GT2 and 3 were out due to a maintenance of the gas station for 45 days since October 21.

Twelve units of Afam IV & V were said to have been decommissioned and scrapped.

Units GT13, 14, 15 and 16 were out on blade failure; GT17 and 18 were out due to burnt generator transformer.

The implication of this scenario is that as the yuletide approaches, Nigerians will celebrate it in darkness.