Yemi Osinbajo has lost his footing — Yorubas

The Pan Yoruba cultural group has reacted to a statement made by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

The Vice President had stated that if States are allowed to control 50% of funds generated from the the jurisdictions, that it wouldn’t make any difference.

Osinbajo also stated that restructuring Nigeria will do no good.

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In response, Afenifere faulted the Vice President stating that he should “Be sure footed on the subject before he speaks next time.

“He [Yemi Osinbajo] misses the entire debate by engaging in the reductionist argument narrowing the whole issue to taking more money from the federal government to the states.

“Yes, fiscal federalism is part of the argument, but the issue goes beyond the monthly Federal Allocation Committee.

“The central plank of restructuring is for Nigeria to go back to the true practice of federalism.

“In this mineral resources that abound in all states would be freed from the exclusive list.

“This way, states would move into prosperity and not be reporting at Osinbajo’s office for bailout from a center that only corners what belongs to the states.

“They would also have enough to contribute to sustain the occupiers of Abuja and the functions that are allocated to them.

“The question of diversification is a point that advocates of restructuring have canvassed.

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“It makes no sense for a country as vast in resources like Nigeria to depend on a mono-product economy.

“It is part of the restructuring we are talking about and not an alternative to it.

“The restructuring package has a whole wide range of issues.

“Issues like justice administration, electoral system and its cost implications, conflicts arising from clash of cultures and how to deal with them to ensure peaceful co-existence.”

“Nigeria is fast falling apart and all genuine patriots have come to a consensus that we must restructure to arrest the drift,” Afenifere stated.