12,000 Schools in North West gets N4.2 billion bailout funds

The Federal Government has partnered with an international organization for a grant to support more than 12,000 schools in the North.

The organization, Global Partnership for Education, will partner with the Federal ministry of Education to support about 12,000 schools in Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Jigawa and Sokoto States.

According to the Minister of Education, the partnership will seed schools in these five states with N4.2 billion naira.

According to the minister, the gesture is aimed at enhancing the quality of education in Northern Nigeria.

The minister said, “A total of 12,179 schools are expected to benefit from the school grants.

“The grant will also affect teachers as about 96,954 teacher-development program initiatives is planned across the five states.

“This will help improve professional knowledge, quality of classroom instruction and teacher assessment skills.

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“In addition, 18,421 female teachers are expected to receive scholarships and hopefully become more competent and go on to act as role models for the girl-child.

“The entire implementation of the project would be at the school level.

“The Federal Ministry of Education will ensure effective coordination and monitoring to guarantee smooth and successful execution,” Adamu said.

Reactions are already trailing the decision. Teachers elsewhere are beginning to question the formula used to select the states.

Lack of justice is the first sign of deceitfulness.

The Nigerian people are not going to give up on the optics of the Buhari led administration and his cabinet’s suspicious attempts to cover up.

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President Buhari is not being sincere to Nigerians as to belonging to no one, but belonging to all.

All we see is that his team is not being truthful in the equitable distribution of national resources.

When caught pants down, he pulls out the broom and starts sweeping things under the rug acting in a manner that is extremely partisan to the APC.

It does not sit well with the Nigerian people. It does not balance well on the wheel of justice.

It wreaks of everything NOT transparent.

And what’s worse, APC wants to him a pass.

Lying to the Nigerian people is not partisan. Our leaders MUST be held to a higher standard.