2017 budget: PMB to spend ₦145,000k everyday to drain soakway – Part 1

The 2017 appropriation bill or national budget that was signed by President Buhari and presented to the National Assembly is a load of crap.

Much of the appeal in the budget is based on voodoo economics and figures that are calculated to offend.

The budget of change or “Budget of Recovery and Growth”, as the president called it will do everything to reverse growth.

Let’s just dive in and see the figures. We will keep as simple as simple can be.

Of the many nonsenses in the document, we will begin with the budget for State house.

What is the State House again?

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The State house is where President Buhari, his wife, and other aides live. They feed off the state house.

The Presidency budgeted about ₦43 billion for running the State House.

Former President Goodluck Jonathan budgeted about ₦23.5 billion in 2015 for the same State House.

Nigerians paid for and built the Aso Villa. But somehow, the President budgeted ₦77.5 million for Aso Villa rent.

In 2015 Aso Villa rent was ₦22.5 million; while in 2016 it was put at about ₦28 million.

Who takes this money? Where does it go? Who is the landlord? Do you build a house and still pay rent for it?

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Another surprising piece of expenditure in the budget is the amount set aside to drain soakage or soak-away pit.

President Buhari budgeted about ₦53 million to drain Aso villa soak-away pit.

That means he is to spend about ₦145,000 naira every day to drain the soak-away!

GEJ budgeted ₦5 million for the same purpose in 2015. In 2016, PMB budgeted ₦6 million.

What are they shitting there?

This simply means the sh1t charge went up by 1050% compared with the 2015 budget, and 850% when compared with the 2016 budget.

Culled from Saatah Nubari’s writings.