2019: Buhari wins first PDP State in South East

President Muhammadu Buhari already has won the support of PDP controlled Ebonyi state, in case he plans to run in 2019.

The Governor of the state, Dave Umahi, said Ebonyi people will vote for the president.

Umahi said President Buhari has shown exemplary leadership and deserves to continue showing same.

Governor Umahi said Buhari has a special affection for the Ebonyi people, but berated APC chieftains from the state.

Umahi said Buhari cared for Ebonyi people, but that state chapter of APC does not care about the welfare of the people.

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“I have always said that APC is one man and that man is the president.

“The president is a man with good character and that’s why we are supporting him and he is supporting Ebonyi State.

“Ebonyi State is very dear in the heart of the president but not in the hearts of the masquerades who have not given anybody chalk.

“If APC will get a vote in Ebonyi State, it will get a vote for the President alone and nobody else,” he said.

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According to him, besides Buhari, the APC and its chieftains would never have breathing space in Ebonyi.

Apparently touting the APCs symbol, Umahi said Ebonyi people have refused to produce brooms in the state.


“They have to take it (broom) to places that are dirty and continue their sweeping.

“But in Ebonyi State and because of the kind of people in APC, our people doing handiwork have refused to produce brooms again.

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“So, there are no brooms in Ebonyi State because we have made everywhere to be very clean,” he said.

Some PDP governors from the South have been speaking well of Buhari suggesting a possible exodus to APC ahead of 2019.