2019 in view as PDP Chairman backs Buhari

Political observers have accused the APC of discretely using Ali Modu Sheriff as a mole to destroy the PDP.

The entire political maneuverings in the chairmanship of the major opposition party has 2019 in view. Hence, PDP’s accusation of destabilizing their party with Sheriff.

The PDP also accuses President Buhari’s led administration of political witch hunt.

According to them, President Buhari seem to go after opposition party members who he feels are vocal against his government.

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But here is a sudden twist in the entire drama: Mr. Makarfi, a former governor of Kaduna State, and current acting Chairman of PDP has defended Buhari’s anticorruption was stating that it not partial.

Now this is at loggerheads with the views of a large cross section of his party members and even Nigerians at large.

According to Makarfi, “If I’m to be fair, I will not Buhari’s anticorruption war is not politically motivated.

“In all these issues, you have to be careful to be able to find out for what purpose the funds were meant for, because sometimes, they may not be purely for political reasons.

“You have to get the facts right, because under Col. Sambo Dasuki (rtd) for instance, we had contracts and money for politics.

“If you are going to look deeply, definitely religious leaders, traditional rulers and other national figures must have gotten some share too,” he said.

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“If you are invited purely on the issue of campaign funds, anybody can be invited to explain, it depends on the essence of the report.”

According to him, EFCC and other antifraud units has the right to invite people to explain their role in suspected corrupt practices.

This is irrespective of “Whether you are in PDP or not, whether you are a politician or not.”

IN reaction to embezzlement of funds by the executive, Markarfi stated that “This affects not only the federal government.

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“It goes down to the states. Even local government chairmen have security votes and you are going to find that their expenditure follows similar pattern.

The PDP national chairman also cautioned against investigating campaign funds stating that if the government wanted to do so, it must investigate all donations.