24 missing police vehicles resurfaces

The brouhaha surrounding Mr. Arase and missing vehicles seem to have be blown out of proportion.

According to the new Inspector General of Police, Mr Idris Ibrahim, the former IG, Mr. Arase, left office with 24 vehicles.

According to Idris, “When I took over, there was no vehicle, even the vehicle I would use.

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“I discovered the last IG went away with 24 vehicles; the DIGs, some of them eight, some of them seven.

“The IG’s vehicles included two BMW 7 series, one armored; and he left me with an old car.

“The last time I followed the President with it, he was asking me, ‘what are you doing with this old car?’

“The president asked because if you see the headlight, the thing has changed color.

“It means they parked it and rains and everything had fallen on it.

“The new ones that were bought, he (Arase) went with all of them; they are part of the 24.

“I wrote back to him and said, we have a policy that says when a policeman retires, if you are an IG, AIG, a CP, you are entitled to some vehicles.

“Please, the extra, return it.

“Four vehicles are enough for an average human being.

“But what will you even do with four vehicles. But he (Arase) took 24 vehicles, including two BMW cars.

“I wrote to him (Arase), I wrote to the DIGs.”

In response, Mr. Arase, who was attending his son’s graduation in London stated that every information needed by his successor on vehicles bought by the police were in his handover notes.

“I suspect there must be a disconnect somewhere.

“Every information needed by my successor are provided in my handover notes.

“It’s unfortunate that this matter is being made a media issue.

“My successor has my telephone number and could have called me for any clarification.

“He could have also sent a text message.

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“He chose instead to address the media on an issue well documented in my handover notes.”

Barely 24 hours after Arase’s alleged theft, it turned out two the armored vehicles were under repair.

Both cars underwent repairs in Jabi district, Abuja.

The remaining vehicles are deployed in several police operations.

This laid to rest the supposed thievery by the former IG.