61% of that rumored exotic SUVs went to APC Senators

President Buhari’s first televised media chat was aired all over the nation last year. His party, APC, hailed that interview.

One sore point in that chat was the President’s critique of a plan by the National Assembly to spend over N47 billion to purchase exotic cars for themselves.

According to the President, “I turned down an offer to purchase cars worth N400 million for the presidency, because the vehicles in our pull are good enough for the next 10 years.

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“If I can turn down N400 million for the presidency because of the economy, I can’t see the National Assembly spending more that N47 billion to buy cars, on top of transport allowance they collect.

“The budget for their transport allowance comes up to N100 billion.

“With the kind of money that goes into the National Assembly, we have to look at it conscientiously and see how we can live within our means,” the President lamented.

Saraki’s led 8th Senate had concluded plans to buy various brands of exotic vehicles for herself.

The plans included a purchase of 120 units of Toyota Land Cruiser, 2016 model.

All of the cars were meant to be built to American specs and must have V8, VXR, 5.7, automatic engines.

The vehicles must be bullet proofed, full optioned and must have integrated navigator cruise control, QI-Compatible wireless charging and Kinetic dynamic suspension system.

The Senate President, Mr. Saraki, and Deputy, Ike Ekweremadu, were each to receive a 2016 model Mercedes Benz S550, four 2016 Toyota Prado jeeps, four automatic 2016 Toyota Hilux SS, and 2016 model Toyota Hiace Buses, respectively.

The house of representatives was to replicate same too.

The senate swiftly denied allegations of them purchasing 108 exotic cars for themselves.

The Committee Chairman on Senate Services, Senator Ibrahim Gobir, disclosed that the upper chamber never purchased 108 cars for themselves.

According to Senator Gobi, him, “We only bought 36 SUVs at the cost of N36.5 million each.

“We had a closed session and they agreed that we should give one car per state; we sat down and agreed on who among the three senators from each state needs the car most and that was what happened.”

Gobir, also frowned at the why Nigerians should kick against the purchase of exotic cars stating that the senators were entitled to official cars.

Recall that the official cars proposed to be purchased by the senate is different from transportation allowances each Senator receives.

Senator Ibrahim Gobir represents Sokoto East. He belongs to the ruling APC party and was returned to the Senate. In other words this is not his firs tenure as a Senator.

Senator Gobir had said they only bought 36 SUVs and each of these exotic vehicles should be given one per state.

He never disclosed the arithmetic used to derive sharing formula.

Recall that the Senate has 109 members.

73 of these currently serving Senators are new to the hallowed chambers.

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36 are older senators or were returned.

Of the 36 returned senators, 22 of them belong to the ruling APC, including Senator Gobir of Sokoto State.

Simply put, the Senate bought 36 exotic American specs SUVs all which must be full option.

Kindly note that the 22 “Change” agents are part of this brazen rape of our economy.