71 trailers of rice meant for Internally displaced persons vanishes

Official graft in Nigeria has grown to monumental proportions. How 71 trailers of rice disappears beats the imagination.

Stealing big, we mean very big is the in thing. We never hear of thousands stolen. It always run into billions.

If not so, how can one explain the vanishing, into thin air, 71 trailers of rice and other grains meant for indigents and displaced persons in Adamawa State?

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President Buhari had allocated the food stuff from the Nation’s purse to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Adamawa State.

The 71 trailer of grains actually arrived Adamawa State.

Its arrival and reception was greeted by a huge ceremony graced by the deputy governor Mr. Martins Babale.

However, in between where the 71 trailers were packed and collection points of the relief materials, the 71 trailers of rice vanished with just a paltry sum distributed.

As in lost and cannot be found!

A member of the state House of Assembly confirmed that his constituency, Madagali, only received 250 bags of rice.

This was against two trailers initially earmarked by the FG for his constituency.

When the house of Assembly member, Mr. Emmanuel Tsamdu, requested for explanations, he was told the remaining had been stolen!

As if to add salt to injury, the 50kg marked of rice were actually rebagged as they only weighed 25kg, lamented Mr. Bello Ichadi, the district head of Madagali.

Madagali is the worst hit region of Boko Haram insurgency. Multiple IDP camps are located in the area.

Reporters contact one Mr. Haruna Furo, who is the secretary of the State Emergency Management regarding the sudden sublimation of the relief materials.

His response was rather flabid. Hear him: “I cannot tell exactly what went wrong with the distribution.

“As an agency, we are charged with the responsibilities of taking care of IDPs. But we were not involved in recent exercise.

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“It was done in Abuja; even the sharing formula was calculated in Abuja.

“Many people are calling my office, bringing complaints, but the only thing we can say is we are not part of the exercise.

“We don’t know how the distribution was done and the formula that was used.

Feelers from other sister media houses believes a syndicate within the National Emergency Management Agency is responsible for the illegal diversion of relief materials meant for IDPs.